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Just a plain old English "Three"

This is mainly addressed to the headmistress, but everyone else should read it too in case you're wondering why some of us aren't back at school when term starts again.

There's been a Death Eater threat around our area, and Vol...Volde...nah, I'm not as brave as Dad You-Know-Who himself was even rumoured to be spotted. We're not directly at risk, but Mum and Dad tell us that the Portkey system somehow got broken into, so it's unsafe to travel to or from Italy at the moment and will be so for a few more days at least.

I stress that we're quite safe. We just can't go anywhere. Dad is still going to work, but his department has hired three hit wizards to guard our villa. They arrived just over an hour ago. Except the problem is that they must stay over, which means a reshuffling of sleeping arrangements. Any suggestions?

Parvati and Ernie, I'm sorry if this interferes with preparation for the play. And Ravenclaw Quidditch team, you'll just have to manage practice without me.


Oh God, are you guys going to be all right? When do you expect to be back at school, then?

As for sleeping arrangements, hmm... worse comes to worst you could all camp out in sleeping bags in a living room or somesuch.

I hope it all gets worked out soon enough. Those of you who are unfortunate enough to share classes with me, I'm willing to make extra copies of notes for sessions missed if anyone wants them. And yes, they're even legible. Granger does NOT have the monopoly on brains in Hogwarts, if the recent DADA marks are any indication!
Everyone's well, thanks Tracey. My dad has up-to-date information with being a diplomat, but there's basically no more risk than usual to everyone unless you try to Portkey. Which is why we're stuck here. The hit wizards are just a precaution.

Well, Terry and Luna and one or two other have already left, so there's a few more beds than what there was. Otherwise we may have to double up, which I doubt anyone will enjoy.

My dad thinks it will take a few days to clear up, so perhaps we'll be back towards the middle or end of next week? I hope sooner rather than later. I want to get started on rehearsals, though I'm doing my best to learn lines while I'm here.
Ah, all right. Well, in any case, I hope it all does get sorted out as soon as possible, hmm? Good luck to you lot, and stay out of trouble!
You all look after yourselves.
We will. Thanks Lavender.

July 2007

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