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Just a plain old English "Four"

Zacharias is going through a bit of a crisis at the moment, partially of his own doing, but a crisis nevertheless. As he needs some time away from his housemates, he is currently using my bed. He has a magical device of some form that allows him to be invisible, but I have hexed my curtains closed and have spread the story that my bed is infested by Doxies so our housemates don't raise their eyebrows when they see me sleeping on one of the sofas.

You three and Luna are the only ones in Ravenclaw who know. Please do not tell anyone else, particularly Morag as it may put her in a compromising position, and Kevin as he's just a prat. Zacharias can be too, but he has sworn he'll use the device whenever he's out of my bed and that he won't speak or acknowledge you, and basically behave like he's not there. I know you don't like him and I am sorry to impose on you, but he is family and I can't just turf him out.

* * *

Susan, there was a discussion between some of your friends (I wasn't involved) that became rather ugly. I'd like you to get my version of events as I'm a more neutral party, if that's possible.


Private to Stephen, Anthony and Terry

...does he have to stay with us?

Re: Private to Stephen, Anthony, Michael and Terry

I'm afraid so. Sorry. Normally he could sleep out in the Hufflepuff changing rooms, I suppose, but during these times it's not the safest place to be after dark.

Re: Private to Stephen, Anthony, Michael and Terry

I didn't get to read much of Zacharias' entry, but do you know if Susan is doing okay?

Private to Michael

She was doing well, but I doubt she will be if she gets wind of Zacharias's entry. He - don't repeat this to anyone - but he basically went off at several of Susan's friends for congratulating her on her engagement and for apparently supporting her decision to marry The Pillock Nott, adding that they were idiots and not her real friends. Unfair, but there you have it.

Re: Private to Michael

Oh dear... I hope she doesn't get wind of it.

Well I can't say that I like Nott much myself, but I doubt even I would go and do something like lambast her friends for something like that.

Did you and Susan manage to make up at all after that argument in Italy?

Re: Private to Michael

I'm about to tell her. Purely so that she hears things from a more neutral perspective. I am not one of her housemates, nor have ulterior motives for wanting her to leave The Pillock Nott after all. And since I was not involved in Zacharias's diatribe, I am not nursing any hurt feelings.

Yes, we did. I apologised, though truly I was sorry not for what I said but how it came out.

I would have liked to have a conversation with Susan's Hufflepuff friends myself, but I like to think I would have done so more tactfully than Zacharias. I doubt Hannah and Wayne would want to see her unhappy, so I can only assume that they like to see the good in people perhaps a bit too much and are not aware of what Zacharias and I know about The Pillock Nott. So I would have started, "I respect our difference in opinions, but are you aware of how The Pillock has he's treated her..." and so on.

Private to Stephen

That's a good idea.

Glad you guys made up though. Since I know you guys have been friends since you were... well little. I imagine it would've been kind of weird if you guys weren't friends anymore.

Private to Michael

Yes. It would be. Which is why I'm not saying anything. No. Never. It would ruin our friendship when I've only just got it back and it would be worse than the first time because then I would know how much I was going to miss it. And for Merlin's sake, man, she's engaged - but he's such a pillock and he's no good for her and if he was a decent bloke and she was happy I would never even consider it but he isn't and she's not and I'm not considering it oh no...

I can't give her advice about Nott anymore.

Private to Stephen

Er... okay... why's that?

Private to Michael

This does not go beyond the two of us, and while I've examined the situation logically and I think that I would behave the same if things were different, I still am worried that the way I've been acting is partially coloured by...oh fuck it, I love her.


I bet you knew already, didn't you? Prat. Why do I have to have smart friends?

Private to Stephen

Uh well... I did kind of have an inkling that you might like her more than friends. Didn't realise you actually love her.

I suppose it's kind of redundant to ask what you're going to do?

Private to Michael

Fucked if I know. The shop's very much closed on her.

Is it ever possible to justify going after an engaged person, do you think?


Good, as I am so confused right now. People keep referring to things and I have no idea what they are going on about.

Private to Susan

I don't think there was any way any of us could have missed Zacharias's latest rant. However, what you didn't see (and what I only found out about later) was that in a private section, he chewed out all of your Hufflepuff friends, particularly Wayne and Hannah, for supporting your engagement with The Pillock Nott. As you can imagine, this did not wash well with Wayne or Ernie. So long story short, things got ugly and he's now sleeping in my bed and I'm on a sofa. We've spread the story that my bed is infested by Doxies.

I'm sorry your name got dragged into things.

Private to Stephen


Private to Susan

As I said, this is Hufflepuff business and I am sorry it is coming from me. But Luna and I have offered our services as negotiators, as it is.

I know that this is not a good time for you, but if you are up to responding, I have two things to ask. In his journal Zacharias mentioned two incidents between you and Nott that may have occured. Is it true that (a) he got angry at you for sleeping in Zacharias's bed when Tracey slept in his a few weeks later and (b) that he told you that Daphne and Tracey were to be the bridesmaids at your wedding and then was angered when you suggested Ernie, Justin and Wayne as groomsmen as a sort of exchange? Oh, and also that he banned Zacharias from your wedding?

If you are up to answering these, please do, either in person or here. Whichever you prefer. But if you, feel free to tell me to fuck off as you have quite enough to deal with as it is. Do remember, however, that I am your friend and if these things were true, I would be very concerned for you and that I want you only to be happy and I love you

I do? I do. Yes, I actually do.



Private to Stephen

Really, I have no idea how to react to this. I am upset that he hurt Hannah and Wayne in any way, but since I do not know the details, I cannot really be angry. Unless he said something hurtful than I will not be happy at all. But knowing Zacharias, he probably went too far.

And Theo didn't get angry with me, he was just upset because everyone was whispering about me being a...

Well, he just wanted to know the facts. He was unhappy because it was Zacharias I went to, instead of to Justin. I used to like Zacharias at the beginning of the year and Theo was worried that I was leaving him for Zacharias. So it's understandable why he was so upset. For the second thing, he wasn't angry. I think he was more amused that I had decided who his groomsmen should be. And no, I was the one who told him that I would like Daphne and Tracey to be in the wedding since they are his friends. He didn't ban Zacharias from the wedding...just didn't want him to be there.

Stephen, I know that you are my friend. I will not tell you to leave and I have to deal with this or I won't stop worrying about it. Thank you for telling me what's going on.

Private to Susan

I...I need to talk to you...no I don't...but I'm her friend first and foremost so shouldn't I act as if nothing has changed and give her the same advice I would normally?

I see. Though I would have sooner he took his anger out on those people rather than you. Perhaps he is a Pillock didn't realise how such a thing would have contributed to more talk like that. Do you have the names of people who are saying such things, incidentally? They are so incredibly dead.

That is very decent of you to have Daphne and Tracey as your bridesmaids. It is more usual to have the bride pick her own maids and the groom pick his own men, but tradition is there to be broken, I suppose.

Private to Stephen

Yeah, probably. Well, Sabina Capper was the one who called me a...a...slag to my face, but quite a few students were saying similar things. I didn't pay them any mind, since I try not to listen to gossip. But then Theo said that everyone was calling me a... a few horrible names.

Actually...now that I think about it we had a very big, very ugly fight over that. Huh.

I just thought that since there would be so many bridesmaids, then there should be an even amount of groomsmen.

Private to Susan

Sabina Capper? And here I was thinking that other than her little infatuation (well, not so "little") with Ernie, she was basically harmless. Alright, so I can't kill little girls, particularly since killing this one would upset Sasha. But I will be talking - and very much so - to the malicious little brat.

Oh. That's not good. Forget Capper. She's Flobberworm kibble next to him. The Pillock is incredibly dead.

Understandable, otherwise it would appear somewhat skewered. There's usually an even amount of bridesmaids and groomsmen. Who are the other bridesmaids?

Private to Stephen

So did I. How can that still hurt after so many months?

No, not at all. He was not happy about the situation and he was quite rude about it. In turn, I was upset with him for taking it too extreme. Honestly! Zacharias is my friend and Theo shouldn't have gotten so upset. I even explained that the reason I didn't go to Slytherin was because of the obvious getting caught thing. Urgh.

Wedding. Yes...I'm getting married. Right, concentrate on that. Well, Hannah is going to be my maid of honour, then I want Celestina, Tracey and Daphne to by my bridesmaids. I need one more, but I cannot decide. Maybe Paola. Really, I would love to have Kenneth, Pepe, Pedro in the wedding as well. But that's too many groomsmen, so they will just have to settle for sitting in the front row.

Private to Susan

No one should ever talk to you that way. It's horrid. I wish I'd known at the time.

I'm sorry he spoke to you that way. He shouldn't have done that and he has yet to know how much he shouldn't have, and you have a right to be upset with him as do I. While I don't approve of it, I somewhat understand Zacharias's reaction better now. I don't hear you getting upset about him sharing a bed with Tracey, after all because you, unlike The Pillock, treat people how you want to be treated yourself and are not a flaming hypocrit. He should have asked you for more details and defended you to people like Capper. And Zacharias should have punched him waaaay before your birthday.

I'm sorry. No I'm not. That wasn't my place to say. True. So-so-true. But he's still incredibly dead.

Does he know how much having your cousins involved means to you? I bet even if he did, he still wouldn't behave differently. A wedding should be something you only do once, after all.

Private to Stephen

It's okay. There was nothing to be done. Luckily Blaise was there to save me from embarrassing myself in front of everyone.

Arguments happen to everyone and that was one of the worst ones for Theo and I. But of course I didn't mind that Tracey slept over with him. I trust them both and I know that they are just friends. Tracey is a really nice person and I can't see her doing that sort of thing to anyone. He did defend me when he heard people saying negative things about me.

No, I haven't told him about that. I didn't see the need to. I know that I'll only have a wedding once, but I don't want to cause too much trouble for anyone. Parvati was wonderful enough to offer to make the dresses and I really don't want to add on more bridesmaids gowns that she would have to make. I am fine with the people who are in the wedding.

Private to Susan

So you trust him and Tracey (which you should do, Tracey at any rate), but he doesn't trust you, and yet that's fine? Susan, Susan, why can't you see this?

It's your wedding, Susan. You're meant to cause trouble. Throw a few tantrums about how you wanted ivory and not off-white lace and how the bouquets are two days out of season and the like. Let loose. People expect brides to be prima donnas, Platypus, so take advantage of it. You'll disappoint them if you don't.

More seriously, I'd...I'd like to talk to you. In person. I'm not going to do a Zacharias, but I'd just like to see you and talk to you. Fucking Rowena, how do I do this and make absolutely certain that it's only as her friend and not down to my...other feelings?

Private to Stephen

Skirty, I have never been a prima donna (at least I hope not) and I have no intention of being one with my wedding. I don't expect it to be perfect as that would be unreasonable. I just want all the people I love to be there and wear a gorgeous dress that I feel like a princess when I wear it. Oh...and really amazing shoes.

Of course you can talk with me, love. Just don't yell as I can't handle that right now. Where would you like to meet?

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