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Just a plain old English "Six"

Oh my. No more read-throughs. No more dress rehearsals. The play is tomorrow evening in the Great Hall, about half an hour after supper. It is an adaption of Pride & Prejudice. My parents are even Porkeying over from Italy to watch it. And I am playing Darcy. Darcy!

I only hope that I can do justice to Ernie and Parvati, and Wayne and Hermione's excellent script, and Susan and all my other talented and hard-working fellow actors. I have so many people I could potentially let down.

And Cadwallader will only have his journal back when he proves he can write in coherent sentences, and keep discussion of other people's love lives to a minimum.


Isn't it exciting! I think you will be brilliant, by the way. I was surprised at how good you are at brooding for a not-broody person.
Thank you. I think you make an excellent Mrs Bennet by the way, even though you're much more sensible than she is.
Oh, but it's acting! We can't be character actors, you know. That'd just be boring.
I actually find method actors to be the most intriguing. If you get to know your character that thoroughly, in theory you should be able to play anyone. I doubt I could play anyone who had committed very heinous crimes though as I would have no sympathy for that person, unless they were, say, a good person originally who had just gone off the tracks at some point.
There are not many people I am sensible in comparison to! But thankyou.
Pfft, you can't only have serious people like Kevin in the world all the time. Though they have their place, it would be boring. Although I actually don't find Kevin quite so boring these days. He can (dare I say it?) be rather amusing at times. And not always indeliberately.
You'll be fine, Stephen. You very, very good as Darcy.

Ah, that's very considerate of you. I hardly knew what to say to his last entry. Except cackle the whole way through.

Other people's love lives? He really centered himself on.. well, you love life... And Susan's love life... If he talked about mine, I might not be visiting him at all. But then I'd have to see him still anyway, because he's next to Ginny.
I really wish he hadn't mentioned my love life and Susan's love life as if they had something to do with each other. Which they don't. And never will. Yes, Stephen, I do think you can convincingly channel Darcy tomorrow evening...

The whole thing made absolutely made no sense. If he had something to say, he would have done better to wait until he was well and put it across in a saner, more sensible way. I hope he recovers in time for the play tomorrow, though when I went to visit Susan earlier, he looked to be on the mend. And I do hope he apologises to Susan as it's the least she deserves, although (dare I say it) as Elizabeth is meant to loathe Collins, it may not be a total loss in the short term. But that's just my overly pragmatic Ravenclaw self speaking.

And thank you, Demelza. You and Ginny and Luna are smashing together as the three younger sisters, incidentally. I'm surprised what a strong cast Ernie and Parvati managed to ensemble from such a small school.

July 2007

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