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Just a plain old English "Thank fuck we're here"

Just to let anyone who cared know that I'm alive. And okay. Well, not okay but better than what I could have been. We all are.

* * *

But I am exhausted. And not able to sleep. Stupid concussion. Stupid arm that's in a sling. Stupid potions for not working properly. Why Pomfrey even bothers to try after all these years, I'll never know. Why doesn't she have more Muggle medication? Those aren't magic. Except for me.

He's gone. I played not as big a role as some, but more than most people ever well. I never joined the DA in fifth year but I did my part, and then some. So why do I feel so awful?

And apparently my father is an Unspeakable. Well, he's an ambassador too, but he's really an Unspeakable. Huh.

* * *

Yes, I was there. Yes, I helped. A little, but it was enough. Yes, I am normally friendly. But not right now. So yes, unless you also were there, no, I don't want to talk about it.


WHAT THE BLOODY HELL WERE YOU THINKING?! YOU COULD HAVE DIED! Oh, god, you could have died. I wouldn't have even had a chance to tell you good-bye. Or that I'm not upset with you. Or that...that I love you. Even if I am still getting married, I do love you. Why did you have to go? I can't lose someone else. I just can't. I have to see you. Even if you don't want to talk, I have to see you. I'm sorry in advance for crying all over the place. Oh, god, thank you for not being dead. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DIE.

Can I please come and see you?
Certainly. And there's no need to ask. Maybe you'll actually make me feel something again instead of just...this nothing.
Okay, I'll be right up.
Oh god Stephen! Never scare me like that again! Please, please, please. I've only got three friends and I love you all so so so much!! I love you, you idiot. You're one of my best friends. Stop crying. He IS alive afterall. What can I bring you? Candy? Books? Comics? Coffee? Tea? Oh, nevermind, I'll just bring it all. Don't move.
Alright. I'll see you soon.
I'll repeat what Lisa has said - never ever scare us like that again, Stephen.

That said, I'm glad you're okay. I was at the Hospital Wing for a few hours and helped with the potion-giving, but you were unconscious the whole time and blabbering about giraffes, for some reason. Wish I could have caught you awake so that I could punch you for getting us all worried. Well, not really punch you, but you know what I mean.
I was unconscious? I wasn't supposed to sleep at all with my concussion! Pom-Poms will kill me. I might have damaged something permanently. What was your name again?

I'm sorry. Bad joke.

I'm back in Ravenclaw Tower so you can come upstairs and yell at me. Just let me get some sleep first.
Yes, it was a really bad joke. I know you're not supposed to be unconscious, which made me even more worried.

You better cover your ears with something heavily charmed because I'm going to sound louder than a Howler when you wake up.
If you do not want to talk about it, I will not ask, but I am glad you are safe.

July 2007

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