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OOC: Ignore, this is for Stephen's biography/background information

Stephen is a pureblood from Scotland. He is eighteen years old and a Capricorn. He has a sixteen year old sister, Rachel, and an eleven year old brother, Christopher. While both parents are of course wizards, the money comes from his mother’s side of the family. Delilah Cornfoot was formerly Delilah Smith, and Stephen and Zacharias Smith are actually cousins. Perhaps wary of being seen as kept by his wife’s inherited wealth, Richard Cornfoot does indeed work. He is said to be an ambassador to the Italian Ministry of Magic, but in actuality he is an Unspeakable and works occasionally with the higher Aurors such as Kingsley Shacklebolt. Not even his wife is aware of the true nature of his work. Due to maintaining his cover, the Cornfoots own a large villa in Tuscany. Stephen and his siblings pass most summers there and Stephen speaks Italian passably well. Richard himself with his dark looks can blend right in with the locals and speaks the lingo without even a trace of an accent.

Stephen is tallish, probably just shy of six feet. He inherited his father’s brunette looks and his cheekbones and aristocratic nose from the Smith side. He has somewhat long brown hair, blue eyes – the stereotypical Byronic Ravenclaw student.

Despite inheriting his mother’s love of music and being able to read music and play along decently on the piano, Stephen has something of a tin ear and could not learn another musical instrument if the fate of the wizarding world depended on it. He therefore wistfully admires cousin Zacharias and the Muggleborn Terry Boot’s musical fluency. The Ravenclaw is not without his talents however. He can accompany on the piano and is in fact in Terry Boot's mostly Ravenclaw school band. He does well academically, maintaining an “E” for most subjects despite his tendency to procrastinate. His motto is, “Work smart, not hard.” He is on his house Quidditch team, alongside friend Michael Corner, who he met through sharing a cabin with on the ride to Hogwarts. He is also friends with sixth years Devon Summerby, Quintus Harper and Cadwallader, along with most of the NEWT students in his house. Stephen showed Cadwallader how to use the magical barrier when he first came to Hogwarts, and the welsh wizard – always large for his age – repaid the favour by purchasing Stephen alcohol before he turned seventeen. Perhaps is most complex relationship is with halfblood Susan Bones. The Cornfoots and the Bones were friends when the two were growing up and Susan’s father, wanting to encourage a “good match” between his daughter and the wealthy pureblood, Portkeyed Susan up to Scotland at every available opportunity. Relations between the pair soured around adolescence though, when Susan learned of her father’s plan and thought that the Cornfoots – and therefore Stephen – were in on it. Furious and embarrassed that her father was ashamed of her Muggle heritage, she cooled her behaviour significantly towards the Ravenclaw. To this day, Stephen remains bemused about the reason behind Susan’s sudden distance.

Personally, Stephen is more wise than academically intellectual. He doesn’t focus on or do as well in his studies as others in his house, but he is a keen observer and often picks up on things that other don’t. He quickly gleans others’ flaws, but unlike Draco, he does not use them as a means of attack, instead noting and then discarding unless something catches at him. It’s very much an out-of-sight, out-of-mind thing. If he was a Muggle, he’d say he has a high EQ. He is reserved yet sociable and not shy. He takes a while to warm to people, yet once he does he is stimulating company and a good conversationalist. Having said that, he is not prone to gossip and idle chit-chat, instead saying what he means and somewhat sparingly. He prefers to spend time with people one-on-one and in small groups; gatherings rather than parties. He is calm and not prone to anger. However, he is fiercely protective over his younger sister, by her will or not.

Stephen lost his virginity on Christmas Day during his fifth year, which is coincidentally also his sixteenth birthday. It was actually the second party – a daughter of one of his dad’s apparent Italian colleagues – who jumped his bones, not the other way around. Stephen is functional rather than fluent in Italian, but in that case the pair clearly close to use la lingua del corpo, or “the language of the body.” Unfortunately they were caught during Round Two by the signorina’s father. It took all of Richard Cornfoot’s diplomacy skills to get him out of that one! In the future Stephen would take such opportunities if they were presented to him on a platter, but generally stays in relationships and is not terribly interested in sleeping around for the sake of it. After the Yule Ball he dated one of the Beauxbatons students, despite her being two years older than him. He attempted to maintain the relationship via owl during fifth year, but it tapered off eventually. Since then he has gone steady with one or two girls in his own year. He went on a date or two with Demelza Robins, but it never really developed between them.

As far as the war goes, Stephen is a covert supporter of Dumbledore’s side. He considered joining the DA during his fifth year but decided against it, not wanting to get his father into trouble, and has since regretted it. While calm, he can be assertive if needed to be and believes in defending the underdog. He is capable of protecting friends and loved ones against danger, but would not throw himself in its path due to a misplaced sense of heroism. When he was being Sorted, the hat mentioned that he was “brave enough” for Gryffindor but considered Hufflepuff before eventually choosing Ravenclaw. It never listed Slytherin as a possibility.



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