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foot_hold's Journal

Stephen Cornfoot
25 December 1979
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"Ravenclaws born under the sign of Capricorn excel at their studies, because they have both a love of knowledge for its own sake and a deep desire to use that knowledge to gain prestige or authority. They are disciplined students with acute perception and shrewd minds; they might take a little longer to reach conclusions than their peers, but their conclusions tend to be more well thought out and thorough. They have dry, ironic wit and are fond of making subtle jokes that only those blessed with intelligence and perception can understand. There's not much that these wizards miss; they usually know what is going on long before anybody else does."

Blurb taken from Harry Potter Astrology

Stephen Cornfoot ♦ Eighteen ♦ Pureblood (and old blood traitor to some) ♦ Scottish. We wear kilts, not skirts ♦ Ravenclaw ♦ Seventh year ♦ Quidditch player. I'm on the house team ♦ Long-suffering older brother of Rachel and Christopher ♦ Long-suffering older brother when it comes to Rachel's various boyfriends (but I make them suffer too) ♦ Friend of Michael Corner, who I share Quidditch and being a longs-suffering older brother with. We talk and play the former and bemoan the latter ♦ Friend of Terry Boot, Quintus Harper, Morag MacDougal and Devon Summerby ♦ Also friend of Cadwallader. Someone has to be ♦ Childhood friend of Susan Bones ♦ Somewhat pianist ♦ Espressoholic ♦ Semi-professional procrastinator

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Disclaimer: This RPG character is taken from the Harry Potter series created and owned by JK Rowling (ie. it's not really Stephen Cornfoot). Neither is it Jamie Davis, the actor in the icons. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

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Icons taken from snezana at greatestjournal